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Student Shadowing

Procedures for Shadowing a Pike High School Student for Purposes of Possible Enrollment

The faculty and staff of Pike High School welcome the opportunity to provide an in-school experience for students who are considering attending Pike High School.

The purpose of shadowing is to get the flavor of what a day is like at PHS so an informed decision can be made regarding enrollment. This is not an opportunity for someone from out of town to simply visit for a day.

In order to make this a meaningful and worthwhile experience, with the least possible disruption to the classroom environment, the following policies and procedures need to be followed:

  1. Shadowing is available for students who are not currently enrolled in any Pike Township school.
  2. Shadowing may take place on any school day as approved by the PHS Guidance Office.
  3. The students must fill out the application and must have signatures from a parent or guardian and the home school principal.
  4. The completed application must be returned to PHS Guidance Office no later than three (3) school days prior to the date requested to shadow.  Last minute arrangements are not possible.
  5. On the day the shadowing is to occur, the visiting student should report to the PHS Guidance Office at 7:10am to meet the host student and receive a pass with both students’ names on it.  The main entrance of PHS on the north side of the building (circular drive with canopy and flag poles) provides the easiest access for dropping off and picking up students.  Students will shadow for the first half of the school day only, and therefore will need to be picked up at 11:00am in the Guidance Office.

Please call PHS Guidance office at (317) 387-2605 or email  if there are any questions regarding the shadowing program.